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Customer Support

Customer Support That’ll Knock Your Socks Off


Problem solving attitude


We do our best to avoid any problems with our products or services, but, like in any business, it’s hard to eliminate mistakes completely. If such a situation occurs, we make it a point to take full responsibility and resolve an issue at hand in a way that is best for the Clients. Additionally, we’re always available to answer your questions, offer help or listen to feedback.


How Microcig provides you with great experience


Microcig offers wide variety of products and services, but we’re always willing to adjust to suit your individual needs. We seek to provide exactly what you need in the shortest time possible, regardless of the size and content of your order.


Having co-founded Microcig, Ms. Jiang oversees all of the administrative aspects of the business. Her biggest strength is client relationships and customer assistance.


Whenever you send a email to [email protected] or place an order Ms. Jiang will assign or forward to the best staff available to do the task , it doesn't stop there as Ms. Jiang will follow-up constantly the status.


Ms. Jiang

President and co-founder

Mobile: +86 138 2437 0908