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About Microcig

Shenzhen Microcig Limited Established in 2006,  specialize in electronic parts exceed 10 years. Headquartered in HongKong and is a worldwide famous retailer of electronic components. And it has built up local office and warehouse in Shenzhen and Yiwu.


In the past years, with the good customer service, efficient global supply chain and the most competitive price, Microcig Ltd. has built up a strong relationship with customers and won the trust and support from them successfully. Our core management philosophy is "Customer's satisfaction is our primary mission", and the quality is the our commitment to our customers.


Microcig is an international e-cigarettes and vaporizer brands originated from China. Microcig belongs to Centralking group which was founded in year 2009 by President Ms.Jiang even before e-cigarettes were known the most of the public in the world, as one of the oldest e-cigarettes in China, Centralking group had been focusing on providing premium OEM services to many the world’s most outstanding e-cigarettes brands, the know-how and technique in manufacturing makes Microcig an icon of quality in the field.


From year 2006, Microcig brand pertaining the Centralking group was established to pursue it’s own branding dream, all Microcig product was designed and made with years of experience of Centralking group.


Microcig intended to provide to global e-cigarettes/vaporization market the most cutting edge product with updated human engineering and exceptional industrial design.


Centralking group had accumulated years of experience in providing to caring the clients all over the world, experiences had made Microcig different, the total 42 employees of Microcig today created an amazing consolidated team that can provided all kind of quality and service needed for international clients.


Microcig research and development of the company stands out among peers in China, especially from year 2009 Microcig made major progress in product development by launching the market continuously arrays of new product, such as CE2/CE4 series cartridge for ecig oil which are now critically acclaimed worldwide, over 30 millions of pieces were sold, and eGo which stunned the industry with its distinctive workmanship, in the future, Microcig will continue to explore the field of dry herb, tobacco heating, pro-flavor e-cigarettes.


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Shenzhen Microcig Limited

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