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APV Body - Detachable VV and VW Mod

This APV body with variable voltage and variable watts it is a new well designed mod . It's special feature is that it is detachable and it can work with a 18350 battery ( having mounted just a mini segment ) or two 18350 batteries ( having mounted two mini segments ) . It can also work with a 18650 battery ( two mini segments ) .
The output voltage can be adjusted from 3V to 6V in steps of 0.1V and the working power from 3 Watts to 15 Watts in steps of 0.5 Watts.

It is compatible with all clearomizers , cartomizers and atomizers with ego or 510 thread because it has ego/510 thread . ( ce4 clearomizers , Vivi Nova , DCT510 , ProTank etc  

Technical specifications :
Weight of device: 135g
Outer Diameter: 22mm
Inner diameter:18.5mm
Length with Two 18350 batteries: 136mm
Length with One 18350 battery : 105mm
Batteries capacity : 900/1800 mAh

Compatible Batteries: 18350 / 18650
Variable Voltage: 3V-6V with 0.1V
Variable Wattage: 3W-15W with 1 W
Output current : 0-2.5A

User settings :

Turn On or Off:
Click the big Power button 5 times within 2 seconds (on/off) to turn on / off the device .
Switch between VV and VW:
To switch power mode from volts to watts. press and hold (+) and (-) at the same time for 3 seconds. (v for volts, w for Watts).
Voltage adjust:
Tap the (+) or (-) buttons to raise or lower output voltage (in 0.1 volt increments).
Wattage adjust:
Tap the (+) or (-) buttons to raise or lower output wattage (in 0.5 watt increments).
Resistance check:
Press and hold the (+) button for 3 seconds (resistance is displayed in ohms) and the you will see on the LCD display the resistance of atomizer .
Battery voltage check:
Press and hold the (-) button for 3 seconds to check actual battery voltage.
To switch between the two mods you need to hold down the two mini buttons for 3 seconds

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